MSI 865PE Neo2 Memory Issues


Jun 8, 2004
I have currently been running the MSI 865PE Neo2 motherboard with 2X256MB Geil Golden Dragon PC3200 Ram and a 2.4C processor for the last year without any problems. I recently bought another 2X256 of the same ram and when I put it in it only showed up as 768mb so I bumped the DDR voltage to 2.8 from 2.5 and that solved that issue. It ran solid for a couple hours but since then it started locking up again. I took out the original RAM and it ran fine again at 512. Has anyone had any issues with this and if so, any ideas? I called Geil and they said that the RAM was rated up to 3.1 so I do have some more voltage room.

Thanks for any help.