MSI 780 Lightning & glow free Qnix QX2710

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Jan 9, 2010
I accept paypal, PM if interested, no mega-low-balling, but reasonable offers may be accepted. I live in Canada, prices are in US $, I ship to the States and the prices include shipping, insurance & Pay Pal fees, even though shipping to the US is very expensive (I pay 70-90$). Heatware. No trades.

ICC profiles for all monitors will be linked to via PM and all monitors are LED PWM Dimming or Flicker Free (read about the side effects). The overclock-able Qnix & X-Star use panels with <150hz PWM now.

Qnix QX2710 550$

My legendary GLOW (example), LED PWM Dimming/Flicker and bleed free semi-glossy or nearly grain free matte coated Qnix (Samsung LTM270DL06 PLS panel) is neglected (I almost never use it for non-text related use) and needs a new home. It has a custom painted matte grey bezel. Before & After Bezel Picture (the bezel in this picture is from my Crossover, but it uses the same glossy black bezel). It overclocks to 96hz with minimal colour dis-uniformity and is also pixel perfect. ICC profiles for multiple refresh rates will be provided via PM.

MSI GTX 780 Lightning SOLD

It overclocks to 1200/7000 with the stock voltage and power limit set to max with 287% power limit and fan speed set to 60-70% depending on the ambient temperature (70% when it is 30 degrees Celsius inside). It was purchased in November 2013, I do not have the original box, but I do have the accessories and an extra back-plate.
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