MS Sidewinder Force Feedback 2


Oct 1, 2003
I used to own one of these joysticks and I decided to get another one off ebay. The unit I received is in fantastic cosmetic condition, however the internal pulleys squeak a lot and the movement is very rigid. The uneven and bumpy pull can be felt even when the unit is off and the stick is limp. I really do not remember the joystick feeling like this.

Are there any known decent repair techniques for these sticks?
Pop it open and take a look...maybe a gear is dirty or broken? Maybe a belt inside is wearing out...only quick fix is to open it and see yourself! :-D
These are pretty highly-regarded 'sticks for flight sim players. I would try asking around the forums for a few of the more popular games and see what they say. I'm sure that someone, somewhere has taken one apart and posted a tutorial.