mp3 ripping

Apr 28, 2006
Is there like a go to mp3 ripper these days? Preferrably a free one. Recently my mom was like I need to convert these cd's into mp3 can you help me. I actually had to think cause I hadn't done it in years. I dl all my music already in mp3 format. I recall using AudioCatalyst 2.1 as my go to program at the time, but im pretty sure something else has come along since then.
I have a copy of CDex I use, but it hasn't been updated since 09. Works well, however. I'm in the same boat, however: I haven't ripped anything in ages.
exact audio copy w/lame encoder. I believe itunes still has a ripper but I haven't used that since the fiasco when vista was released.
Used to use eac with lame. But, I just use foobar with lame now.

Both eac and foobar can lookup the cd database to automatically name (and tag when you convert) your tracks for a CD.

In foobar, you just select all the tracks you want in the list, right-click the selection, goto tagging and choose to get the tags from the datbase and then apply.

Then, you can right-click the selection and choose to convert. You can choose ... and pick mp3 (the default quality settings are fine). Then, the first time you convert, it'll ask you where lame.exe is at. When you download lame, you can just put the files in the foobar program files directory and point foobar to it when it asks.