Mp3 Players?


Limp Gawd
Apr 17, 2003
first of all, i hope this is the right forum, secondly i am looking to get a new MP3 jukebox for this summers trip to europe. I have been looking at the Nomad Zen Xtra, the 30 gb model. I have about 20 gigs of music on my comp, and would like to take all of it, and this one fits my pricerange and everything. is there any major flaws with it? i also need to know if i can charge it in england, it says it has a universal power adapter, but i am unclear on what that means. any input is greatly appriciated!
You might want to look into other ones that support more formats (The iRiver for one, supports OGG files), or better yet, the Rio Karma which supports OGG and FLAC formats, but these are a tad bit more expensive than what you are looking for (and that is if you are looking at quality, things like that).

I've tried the Nomad Zen Xtra before, and I like it. Simple, but I really didn't have a need for a huge MP3 player-on-the-go, so I stuck with my simple Sony MP3 Pen.
If you are looking for something cheap and small the Rio Nitrus uses practicly the same firmware as the Karma and also supports FLAC and OGG. The only problem is it still is only 1.5 gb. Rio has had plans for a 4 gb version...
Duck-BOT, you said you used it before, what i would like to know is what the power adapter was like, i need to use this in england this summer, and need ot know if i could charge it there? would any of the players you mentioned have this option?