Movie Pirate Service Uses Crawler to Find the Best Quality Streams on the Internet


Fully [H]
Apr 10, 2003
Movie piracy service Vodlocker has unleashed a new video embedding API that uses a Google like crawler to find the best quality sources of pirated movies on the internet. After entering the desired movie's IMDb code, the service will initiate the crawler to search websites such as Google Drive, Youtube, Openload, etc for the highest quality video in mere seconds. From there, an upcoming pirate movie website owner can embed the movie onto it's pages. If a source goes down, more sources will be instantly available from the menu above the embedded video. Chromecast and subtitle support are readily available via plugin. It will even show the movie's artwork from IMDb while you wait for the stream to start. Seems like an easy solution to facilitate getting locked up with Bubba in the big house. Just remember to not drop the soap!

The site is already boasting a "massive database" of movies, which will make it of immediate use to thousands of websites that might want to embed movies or TV shows in their web pages. As long as Vodlocker can cope with the load, this could effectively spawn a thousand new ‘pirate’ websites overnight but the service generally seems more suited to smaller, blog-like sites that might want to display a smaller selection of titles. It’s also worth noting that the service uses IFrame tags, which some webmasters might feel uncomfortable about deploying on their sites due to security concerns. The New Vodlocker API demo can be found here, for as long as it lasts.


Jun 8, 2007
So let me see if I've got this.....someone hosts movie on their public drive......enterprising youths fire up their device o' choice and use this service to scan the web for this movie. Suddenly that site is hit with 1, 3, 4, 400 requests to stream......streaming interrupted, site crashes cuz bandwidth exceeded. Everyone proceeds to find the next site, process repeats. Pretty sure this is sorta like how that blackout in New York happened back in the day.... :)



Oct 16, 2011
I gave up piracy along time ago. If i really want a movie, i'll go buy it.

Hollywood sucks so much now that I rarely want a movie.


Jan 7, 2016
I gave up piracy along time ago. If i really want a movie, i'll go buy it.
I try to pay for official streams where possible, such as Google Movies, but only so long as they arent attempting to manipulate me. Take for instance Logan. I never saw this in theater and have been waiting patiently for its release. I'm sure it's been on TPB for at least a month by now but I waited until I got a notification from Google that it was available to stream. Finally that day arrived, and what am I greeted with? An option to BUY it for $15. Ummmm, no thanks, it's unlikely I'm going to re-watch this movie 4x to get my money's worth in rental fee's. I would have gladly rented it, but oh no, you wanted to tease me with a buy-now only option preying on my insatiable desire to just fork over quadruple the going rate just to watch once.

Well now you get 0 dollars instead, as I promptly pirated it only, because fuck you, thats why. I tried to play by the rules. I tried to give you my money.