Mouse and pad combo


Jan 5, 2004
With the holiday season coming up, I'll be buying a few things, including a new mouse and mousepad. I've been looking into a couple selections:

-Razer Diamondback
-Razer Viper (if the price goes down as a result of the diamondback's release)
-Logitech MX510

I've also been looking at the Ratpadz GS, but I'm open to reasonably priced suggestions.

Because I only recently went optical and wasnt blessed with the best one (Kensington StudioMouse Wireless), I have no idea whats good. I know the dpi's, response times, etc etc as I've been looking all these mice up constantly, but I'd like to know what the people think.
Dont get ratzpadz as they wont last that long. I've had my func 1030 for 8 months and it still ahsnt worn down :D
I use an mx510 and a DKT megamat; I love it. Anti-Friction liquid works pretty well too, a little better than teflon feet I'd say.

mx510 or Diamondback; I'd avoid the Razer Viper simply because I know I'm happier with the mx510. The diamondback - I have no clue how that is...

If you're low/mid-sensitivity player, mx510 > Viper, and Diamondback = ?
High sensitivity...becomes debatable, but I'd think the diamondback might win there.

Mouse pads that I understand and have no objection to:

DKT pad and similar cloth pads
Func 1030
Steelpad series
Xtrac's products
Icemat 2nd Edition (expensive)

Of course there are many others...
The Logitech MX1000 is simply the finest Mouse made to date.
^ Agreed.
Nothing bad to say about the MX1000. I have had it for 2 weeks and havent had to charge it yet, and two green leds are still lit. :D
I have an orginal (first run) RATPADZ that is still perfectly fine, and works well with my MX510.
I have MX510 and I'm completely pleased with it, it's a great mouse for gaming.
And the pad... I used lotta pads but I can say that Icemat is the best (for me), it's huge, looks awsome and has wonderfull gliding. BTW icemat has now special mouseskatez for the MX series I also use them as well.
Icemat 2nd edition is definately the best pad, no argument.

And in a 'learn something new every day' moment, if you check out their site, you'll find they have it in just about every color you can imagine, now (not just black anymore).

After a RatpadzGS wore out on me (not entirely, but it gets 'worn' spots), I'm not sure I could even consider a plastic pad again. I mean, it's PLASTIC, it is GOING to wear out, ya know? So, that eliminates the fUncs and a couple others. Steelpad would probably be my next recommendation. An all aluminum pad will certainly have some durability!

As to the mouse...well, the Diamondback obviously has double the precision of any of the Logitech mice, so if it came down to that, it's the clear winner.

I'd stay away from the 'Viper', though. Same precision, but problems with the tracking sensor on that one (it WAS Razers first attempt at an optical mouse) can create problems on some pads.

FWIW, I'd buy the Boomslang over any of the optical mice, anyway. Close to triple the precision of any of the Logitech or MS mice, and you can buy it off Razer's site for only $29.99 right now as they clear out the stock. Plus, I like the shape and size MUCH better than the Diamondback.

The reason 'precision' is great is because it allows you to disable 'mouse acceleration'. If you think about it - a screen at 1600x1200 is 1600 pixels across. If the mouse is only scanning 800 pixels per inch (800 dpi), you'd need to move it 2 full inches across the pad to merely move it from one end of the monitor to another! (Doesn't sound like much, but try marking two spots on your mouse pad measured 2" apart and move it back and forth between them - and that's for the relatively simple task of moving the mouse across the screen!) What 'mouse acceleration' does to speed this up is skip pixels in the display - hardly desirable when accuracy is your goal.