Motherboard swap on a Windows 7 install

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    Hello [H],

    So tomorrow I'll be swapping out my trusty P55 motherboard for a P67/2600k combo.

    I intend to keep my current install of Windows 7 Ultimate. (official, non-OEM release etc)

    I did my research and came across this:

    - I checked the two registry entries mentioned and they were already set to "0", so I'm good there.

    Basically, I don't want to run into any surprises.

    I plan to uninstall all the motherboard drivers/chipset etc, then graphics driver. Then clean it all using DriverFusion, then finally booting into safe-mode and running DDU - set to "shut down on completion".

    Then, I'll swap the motherboards, boot into the BIOS, make sure it's set to AHCI, and hopefully boot into windows.

    Then, install chipset/drivers etc etc.

    After it's all set and stable, I obviously intend to overclock (different thread, different section, different time)


    - I'm switching motherboard/cpu's but intend to keep my current Windows 7 install
    - Just want to make sure I'm doing it correctly
    - Is there anything I should be aware of??

    As always thanks!

    EDIT: With so many views and no replies, I'll assume I'm good to go....

    I'll report back afterwards so others will know how it worked out etc.

    EDIT @ 9pm: Worked like a charm!
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