Motherboard for AM2/AM3/AM3+ build - 2010 PC experiment


Aug 7, 2011
FX-8350 CPUs made for really good Plex servers - very cheap, Plex could actually utilize all 8 threads, and the CPU was something of an idiot savant at it. I ran an 8350 for many years because it ran the games I played fine, AND it was pretty good at video encoding as my DVD/Blu-Ray archiving continues even to this day (though it has progressed from the Phenom II x6 1090T --> FX-8350 --> Ryzen R7 1700 --> R7 2700X --> R9 3900X). AMD has had an edge in price/performance for this niche use case for quite some time. Sure, Intel was faster at most tasks, but never faster enough for me to justify the expense.