Mortal Kombat X

They're forcing me to play it. :(


In other news:
Time for Teletubbies vs. Carebears: Mortal Hugfest!

It's not that I can't handle the gore, it just seems like they're going over the top just to do it. I'm not seeing the return game play wise. I played a ton of MK9 and looking forward to how this turns out.
Warner are doing their best to alienate the Mortal Kombat X PC gaming community with news that the Mortal Kombat XL and Kombat Pack 2 won’t be coming to the PC...earlier today Warner announced the Kombat XL Edition for the PS4 and Xbox One which includes all the characters from the Kombat 1 and Kombat 2 packs and Netherrealm Studios have now also confirmed on their message boards that it won’ t be available for the PC and neither will the Kombat 2 DLC Pack

The PC community is obviously upset at the lack of support and players who purchased the game on the understanding it would be supported with future updates are now requesting refunds...a petition has also been set up

It was also hoped that the net-code update which is being applied to the console versions would also be applied to the PC...this doesn’t appear to be happening and it now looks like the PC version is being abandoned by Warner...