Morphological AA = nerf gun mode?


Dec 22, 2002
I made a pretty interesting discovery today. Recently I've been playing BFBC2 with a friend online. Ever since I got my new rig, I've been playing Crysis 2 and BFBC2 online. I couldn't understand why I was my normal, decent self while playing Crysis 2, but couldn't ever do better than 1:4 on BFBC2. My gun seemed broken, while everyone else could pick me off in a couple of bursts, I couldn't seem to kill an enemy unless they were AFK and I got the drop on them from behind.

For whatever reason, I've always turned on Morphological AA in BFBC2 and never thought much of it (didn't do this for Crysis 2). Today I turned it off to go with the in-game 8xMSAA. The difference was night and day! My gun suddenly worked. I'd put a head in my sights, click the mouse, and the enemies started dropping the way I thought they should have all along. I finished top of my team on my first round.

Anyone else with a Radeon HD 69XX care to try out BFBC2 w/ Morphological AA and see if it seems to make a difference?