Moogle's Newbie Guide for setting up Vista Router Sharing

Nov 11, 2004
My setup:

- PC 1: Vista 64 bit Ultimate

- PC 2: XP

- Router: Rp614 V1 Netgear router

Ok this is what i did.

Your Vista PC

1. install motherboard drivers *check if you installed your vista motherboard drivers :rolleyes: *I made the mistake of not installing my motherboard drivers since my internet was working, but for network sharing you need the drivers installed.


2. Go to network in vista, refering to the screenshot above, turn on network discovery, file sharing, public folder sharing, printer sharing, media sharing. you can leave password protected sharing off * didn't figure how this worked -_-;

3. When your in the network area, make sure the groups is changed to say workgroups .... * Vista and XP use different workgroup names by default, so you have to change it to make sure both pcs are using the same workgroup name. You can use your own custom name just to be on the safer side.

Your XP PC.

1. Check your other pc and make sure it's updated to the latest updates. And make sure that the motherboard drivers are installed and up to date.

2. Go to network and do network setup. And just do your relevant network setup, mine was this pc connected through the internet through a gateway. My pc uses a router that shares the internet with both pcs hooked to it...

3. Make sure the workgroup is same as the one you set for Vista.

4. Download the WindowsXP-KB922120-v5-x86-ENU from windows website and install it on your Xp pc. This is to get the network layer identifier for Vista to detect or Pc or some such... *Installing it for me did not make the "View full map" work :/ *shrug


In your Vista pc, go to network >> show all connected devices. You should now be able to see your

a) router

b) your Xp pc

To access your Xp pc from Vista Pc, just double click your Xp pc icon and your inside.... go to the Xp pc and start right clicking and adding folders or hard drives as shared.

To share stuff from your Vista pc so Xp pc can access them, you need to right click the folder you want to share, and add "Everyone" into the shared permissions. You can edit that groups settings to be able to edit files, or just read them, up to you.

And now you can both surf each others pcs and share stuff.

To access your router settings, right click the router icon in there, and set it to enable. Then right click it again and select to enter the router web page *basicly the router settings page. Now you can do portforwarding for games, programs etc...