Money to get my car fixed sale... Will keep updating


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Sep 26, 2008
My car took a crap on me over the weekend and I'm selling some stuff to try and raise funds to get it fixed. If you're interested please reply here or shoot me a message. I'll post pics ASAP

1. Broken xbox 360 Arcade Jasper (pretty sure it's a Jasper, it's less than a year old). Needs the DVD drive replaced, other than that it works perfectly. Comes with a controller and all the cables in the original box. I've been using it as a media/netflix streamer until I was able to get around to fixing it. System has been opened (guy I bought it from decided to try fixing it himself with an old drive from a RROD console) so no MS warranty. Asking 75.00 obo

2. Xbox 360 arcade, only a few months old. It's pretty much flawless. Comes with all original accessories and in the original box. Also comes with the following games...

Red dead redemption
Fable 2
Lost Oddyssey
Banjo Kazooie
Viva Pinata
Alan Wake
Final Fantast 13
Possibly a few others, have to check

Asking 300.00 firm for everything

3. Nvidia 3D vision kit. Comes with the glasses, cables and the receiver in the original box. I'm asking 150.00 obo

4. Wacom Cintiq 12WX LCD Drawing Tablet. This thing is pretty much brand new. I'm asking 750.00 shipped FIRM (paid 1100 for it). Comes with the original box and accessories.

5. Nintendo Wii software version 4.2, softmodded (can play 'backups' from a USB drive, homebrew, and a bunch of other neat geeky stuff). Less than a year old. Comes in the original box with the original accessories.
Also comes with 2 wii motion plus dongles, two controllers and nunchucks (one of them is wireless) and the HD 480p cables. The following games will be included with it as well:

Wii Sports resort
Resident Evil 4
Red Steel
No More Heros and I think a few others. I'll update this later. Asking $175.00 obo for everything
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For the 360? I'd rather keep it as a bundle, honestly... for shipping reasons and all that.

Unless you want all of them, make me an offer.