Modding different lenses


Limp Gawd
Jan 21, 2016
Is it possible? I have no idea about the insides of them, I just use them.
You can't realistically mod the fresnel side of the lens, and you would need special optics grinding tools to mod the curved sides... So no, you can't mod the lenses aside from outright replacement which would require some serious investment in tooling.
In theory you could, the equipment used to grind optical lenses starts at 20k dollars tho. My job revolves around them.
Thanks for volunteering. Let us know how it goes.
Well like I said you could, but the main problem is they don't make fresnel ophthalmic lenses. The best you can do is 3M fresnel appliques that stick to ophthalmic lenses. They are only used to treat very specific eye problems because optically they jack up contrast among other things. I can tell you though if you needed a lens ground down to a specific shape to experiment I can get that done easily, I do wonder though if there are anti reflective coatings on the lenses. That should cut down on glare.