Mod MX1000


Limp Gawd
Sep 9, 2004
Hey, does anyone know how to take apart the MX1000, I don't want to break anything and I can't find a weak spot... maybe I'm just bad at looking, but if it hasn't been done yet lets find out how to crack this bad boy open, I'm just dying to paint it.
Can't you pop out the mouse feet nad there are screws under it? I'm sure it is similar to the guide where they take apart a regular Logitech mouse to change the LED.
the last time I tried to take apart my mx1000 I ended up with a rattle inside of it (which went away fortunately)... and I couldnt even get it open. Even after removing the four screws it has clip-like things holding it together from the insides, like my MS Intellimouse.
I guess Logitech decided that letting people open their mouse to mess with the internals was not a good idea :p .
however, if there is a way to take it apart I'd be very interested :) . Maybe someone braver than I will try pulling it apart with more force.
Last time I looked at my mx1000 it had 5 screws on the bottom not 4. Maybe that was the problem. :)
Look to see if there is a screw hiding under a sticker or something on the under-side of your mouse.
ahhhh, one of them "warranty void if removed" stickers ;)

undertheradar said:
He said hes "dying to paint it" dieing!!! Very punny.

"dying" is correct. "dieing" is quote " To cut, form, or stamp with or as if with a die."
dwayne001 said:
so (*suspense*) did you get it open?

I wanna know also even though I don't own an MX1000.

I will try to take apart my MX310 that I don't use if that would make you guys happy :D
I've taken apart plenty of Intellimouse Explorers if that counts :rolleyes:

Just keep making the cables shorter and shorter as I get rid of the broken wires that form where the cable enters the mouse.
Intellimouse explorers!!

Those WERE the hotness, now they're the Old Busted Joint.

It's all about a mouse that has an MX prefix now. It's a logitech world when it comes to peropherals among the [H]