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    Oct 29, 2007
    I have a problem I have been wrestling with that I wanted some external opinions on. There is currently a push (due to increasing an increase in team size and a lack of other space) to move away from traditional workstations for team members (approx 20) to allow for flexible work locations. Our requirements are as follows:

    1. All users should be issued laptops which are powerful enough to replace their current desktops. Work is general penetration testing and incident response, current workstations are relatively basic (i5, 16GB memory) so this should be easy.
    2. We want to have 2 options for the analysts depending on whether the user wanted to work of OSX or Windows. We were thinking Mac Book Pros and Surface Book 2.
    3. We want to have a single dock at each user's desk which would allow them to hook their laptop of choice up to a pair of displays and keyboard/mouse/network to make it easier to work when they're in.

    Is there a dock that would allow for this? I see alot of docks that support Thunderbolt or USB-C, and i know thery're the same port, but i'm not sure if USB-C supported dual displays or if i can use the same type of dock for both.