Mobile router devices which allow ethernet connection and


Apr 2, 2022

Are there any mobile routers, 3g or 4g, that allow us to disable wireless radio connectivity (disable WiFi) and connect to the hotspot via ethernet connection.

I know alot of the newer huawei 4g and ee 4gee routers have ethernet ports, but I have been unable to disable the wifi radio on the huawei one... I havnt yet tested EE's 4gee
Probably not disable but if they have a detachable antenna, disconnect it. Otherwise just wrap it in aluminum foil.
I've got one of these: it runs wifi by default, but easy to turn it off. I'm running upstream openwrt, but same deal on the factory firmware. I think they've got a newer model, which should be similar, but I don't have one to know for sure.

I use mine at home only, so I didn't order it with a battery. It's my backup internet for when the DSL goes down.
I believe the cradlepoint ibr600 allows you to disable wifi, and remove antennas, should be able to find on ebay for under 100