Mobile Phone email encryption


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Jun 16, 2004
I know this topic has come up before but for the life of me I can't find the old threads.

What are todays options for encrypting emails on mobile phones (android and iPhone)? From what I understand the iPhone's built in encryption is not very strong, and Android, well forget encryption lol.

So far I have found Good for Enterprise, and Echoworx mobile encryption, however these both seem geared twords the enterprise, not SMB.

What other options are there to encyrpt email on these devices?
Are you trying to encrypt the email on the device, or the connection between device and server? Also what version of android are you using.
On the device. iOS 5 and no android right now, but I would think to require 2.3 or better
I demo'd Good for Android a few months back. It is a whole standalone email/calendar client. I don't remember the specifics on encryption however.

The price was 'fair' for what it offered. For what it's worth it worked on my Incredible running 2.2 months ago, so your requirements could be more lax if you so choose. If you are supporting individuals devices, the good news is you get:

1.) A standard email platform - no motoblur vs vanilla vs sense vs touchwiz thank Christ. It's the Good app no matter what Android skin they run.
2.) Remote wipe of data, device is untouched. Good for avoiding lawsuits if you're blurring that client device with corporate information line.

Honestly this is why I feel iPhones and Droids haven't destroyed RIM's market share in the enterprise. The first one to come up with a BESX style console for control could make a goddamn killing.
For full phone encryption hold off android until 4.0. Honeycomb brought in full device encryption and it works very well. This will be included in 4.0. As of right now there are a few apps that do device encryption, but none of them seem to be priced in the SMB range.

I would stick to iOS and WP7 for right now.
Actually I found a SaaS solution that will work great,

Thanks for the help