MMO Suggestions?


Oct 20, 2005
Howdy ho

I was hoping y'all could suggest some good MMOs to pick for some coworkers of mine and I.

We don't want to play EVE or WoW. So far we've come up with a list of LotRO, City of Heroes/Villains, PotBS.

What do you guys suggest?

Edit: Add Warhammer, Age of Conan, Guild Wars, DAoC to the list of no-goes.
Ive played EVE, WOW, EQ1, EQ2, LOTRO, AC1, AC2, Horizons, DnL, AoC, WAR, DAoC, FFXI, SWG, and E&B to name a few. To date LoTRO is the only one I am still playing.

Though sometimes I miss SWG, but I wont ever go back after Sony screwed it.
I'd vote Lotro. Like the guy above after burning out on WoW, hating WAR with a passion in its current state I'm getting into Lotro. Its not perfect (I've found the UI to be a little clunky, no real mods but that might be good thing, texture pop), but the game runs well and has good lore to draw from. Crafting seems to be pretty well thought out.
lotro, eq2, war.

only choices atm aside from wow or eve

could always pick up guildwars
perfect world international ; faction ( guild ) wars over territory with good game play / free too they make money from purchased items
WAR is great and getting better. Mythic is actively adding content and tweaking the game. Highly recommended.
I'd say LoTRO as well, I cant stand to play it (I've tried 3 times) but since you dont want to play WoW LoTRO is probably the best choice, its been out over a year, has a decent community, gets regular content updates and they just put out an expansion.
Also, add Warhammer, Age of Conan, Guild Wars, DAoC to the list of no-goes.

I'd say go with LotRO as well. If you want to try it risk free then send me a PM. I have a couple of buddy keys I can send your way.
LoTRO is really good. I like how quest can open up to you just by exploring. Just limited selection of races but it was fun while I played the beta.
lotro is a really good one for casual playing. I played it for a while and liked it more then the other main stream ones. Much better then wow, eq2, coh, aoc, havent tried warhammer yet though.
DDO is incredibly fun if you have a group of friends to play with a few hours a week, if you're looking for something you can get a solid timesink into.... DDO is not the right game.
LOTRO would be a great choice if you just like Pure PvE, great game, lore is strong. Overall my PvE experience there was pleasant. It's something I'd encourage everybody to try just once, you'd be surprised at how well they made the game (except for some hardware compatibility issues :().