Minidisc help sorta


Limp Gawd
Mar 24, 2003
ok i have a sony netMD walkman the bas model one and i was wounding is there a way i can transfer just files to it instead of only music? the software they give you dosent allow it but if you can transfer music then you should be able to transfile other files right?
Wrong. Sony NetMD players (I have the MZ-N505) are really limited in that sorta thing. You notice how Sony makes you use a proprietary format to even get the songs onto disc, right?
ya i notice that but thats becuase of the software they use all i want to able to do if possbile is to store data like drivers documents etc. on a minidisc and i was wounding if there was some software to do it or if it can be done.
As far as I know from all the reading I've done, you can't save data to a MiniDisc. It's pretty much music only. Take a look at It's a fairly informative site and answered all the questions I had.
sorry but how can that be that they can only hold music i dunno maybe i'm like retarded or something but if they can hold music from a computer which is really just a file then howcome they cant hold anything else? it would seam to be really messed if they created this whole format just for music and even if they did how could it not hold data thats the part i want to know.

EDIT: becuase isent music from your computer just a file that has been converted to play on a MD?
I was curious about that part too. Here's what I found at that site...

Regular audio MDs that work in all MD audio equipment are not capable of holding computer data. However, there is a branch of Minidisc, called MD Data, which is capable of holding 140MB of data per disc (it functions the same as a Zip or floppy disk, but uses Minidisc technology). MD Data discs are not compatible with regular MD audio discs, therefore in order to use MDs to hold actual computer files/data, you need to separately purchase MD Data discs and an MD Data drive for your computer. (This computer file format was introduced to the market years ago, and has become pretty much defunct.)