Mini USB Female to USB Female. Does it exist? (any other way to accomplish this?)


Aug 10, 2008
This is what's going on:

I have a Samsung cell phone that has a proprietary input.
I have a cable that converts from this proprietary input to USB Male (so far so good).

I also have a portable battery that has a Mini-USB Male plug. I use it to charge my mp3 player, and would like to be able to use it with my cell phone should it run out of battery.

The problem is that I don't know how to connect the battery to the cell phone. I'm guessing that some kind of Female Mini-USB (this end to be plugged to the battery's Male Mini-USB) to Female USB (this end to be plugged to the cell phone's proprietary to USB-male cable) adapter or cable should do the trick.

The best I could find on Amazon is a USB Female to USB Female adapter

and a Mini-USB male to USB Female adapter

Alas, I'm not even sure the adapter/cable I'm looking for exists. Any suggestions?

(I doubt that Samsung Male to Mini-USB female exists)
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Are you sure your battery pack is mini and not micro? it would seem very strange for it to be mini given that most phones use micro.

Personally i'd probablly just cut the connector off and join on a femal A connector.
you mean cutting it as in, cutting it in half with a knife and then carefully soldering the internal wires?
I was assuming this connector was on a short cable which could be cut and joined to the cable from a female A connector. Was my assumption wrong?