Microsoft to Release a Disc-Less Xbox One in 2019 for $199 [RUMOR]


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Apr 10, 2003
Brad Sams says that Microsoft is going to release a disc-less Xbox One S for $199 in 2019. Users of the console will be able to take their physical games and trade them in for digital entitlements. Then they will be able to download their games direct to their consoles. For increased value, gamers will be able to play 100 games via Xbox Game Pass for $9.99 a month. Microsoft will also introduce a cheaper Xbox One S console that trims some features, but keeps the disc drive.

The Scarlett devices are Microsoft's next-gen consoles and are not expected until 2020 but in 2019, the company is planning to release a disc-less console. And if this is making you nervous because you have a large collection of physical discs for your current Xbox, Microsoft has you covered. In addition to the new console, there will be a 'disc-to-digital' program that, as the name states, turns your physical games into digital downloads. The idea is that you can take your disc to a participating retailer (like the Microsoft store) and trade in your disc for a digital download.
So i checked and it turns out that my Xbox One X does have a disc drive, who knew?...
seriously , i cannot be bothered with discs , price for games on digital is usually cheaper ( i never buy used anything) and having so many games just installed on my Xbox is too much to pass on.
Same features more money, less features same money. It's the American way.

I know quite a few people who buy a game at release, play through it in a week, and then sell it on Facebook recouping 1/2 the cost, or more. If Microsoft goes full retard next gen and completely removes it, these people will be upset to say the least.

But but but... Then Microsoft will release an "add-on" disc drive to $ell you (ala HD DVD) and call themselves heros!
This is great news! The kids who work the landfills in Ghana were getting cuts on their fingers from taking apart the CD-ROM mechanisms.
They finally did it, guys!


The beginning of the end for Gamestop and Electronics Boutique. They'll go the way of the Dodo and Blockbuster Video.

PC Gaming has been essentially disc-less for almost a decade. Despite the FUD, they didn't fight it.

I doubt console gamers will make much of a fuss when next gen consoles go completely disc-less.
We have an Xbox 360 (not been powered on in a long time, should fire up some Crazy Taxi...anyway, back) and a PS4. My kids are horrible with discs. They end up missing, scratched, cracked, friends borrow and never return, etc.
I only get them digital versions of software. It works out much better. I'm ok with it - although I guess some folks have data caps and there could be confusion over buying media. It's only a matter of time.
PC Gaming has been essentially disc-less for almost a decade.


The last PC disc I bought was the Steelbook edition (or Deluxe....whatever the hell they called it) of Mass Effect 3. March 6, 2012. Almost 7 years ago.

Last PS4 disc I bought? Two weeks ago.....FIFA 19. $30 at Walmart. I didn't want to wait for their annual BF sale on the PS store.
I wouldn't mind so much as I never sold back my games.

BUT I've bought digital content before and had Microsoft delete the product so I can't download it again. Ie Axel and pixel
Totally rational next step. Have a PS4Pro and haven't got a single physical game for it.

Have an Xbox One S also for UHD Blu-Ray support because streamed 4K is rubbish... So would miss that...
My PS3 is still one of the best blueray players out there. Best use for disks in a console. Otherwise digital is the way to go anyway. Most games require some sort of online component and hell the Fallout patch was bigger than the game so yeah, disks are a bit outdated.
"I WANT MY DISCS" -- Cries gamers who on PC has purchased 236 Digital Downloads games with no corresponding disc from a cloud-based service. "DISC OR NOTHING! I WONT BUY MY CONSOLE UNLESS IT HAS DISC!" *Pauses rant to pre-purchase Fallout 6 on Steam the moment it is announce* "DISCS. I DEMAND DISCS!"

If the next box is due out in 2020, does anyone know if rumored semi-relaible specs have been released?
My PS3 is still one of the best blueray players out there. Best use for disks in a console. Otherwise digital is the way to go anyway. Most games require some sort of online component and hell the Fallout patch was bigger than the game so yeah, disks are a bit outdated.

Day one patches have pretty much killed any notion of discs being more efficient vs downloading the entire game. Especially when the patch is damn near the size of the entire game.
Great, digital only so Microsoft can take the pressure off the purchaser to decide whether they still own the game or not!

It’s not like they’ve ever forced change or removed features in paid products without giving you an opt out choice (of the change, not the product).

I prefer my products bought, not rented.
I won't ever be buying one but this will be another nail in Gamestop's coffin. Thank god.
i mean, xbox and ps4 are $199 this black friday and were at that price or very close to it last year as well, and you don't have to sacrifice your disc drive and can get it now.
euh, how in hell can you go disk less with 100GB games with a 500GB HDD with a 100GB bandwidth cap ?
Unless I missed something important ? Like a 6$ Bluray drive ?

Also, Digital buys are linked to accounts, can't share and if banned for XYZ reason you can't play !? WTF (Yeah it happens and you need to resort to BBB to solve it)
OK so on one hand, everyone knew this has been coming for a long time.

OTOH, Aren't Xbone-S $200 anyways all the time now? This isn't an X for $200 (that would be such a massive seller like the world has never seen), no, it's a trimmed down S without a BR drive. You know, the BR drive that plays 4K discs... which is THE ONLY REASON I WOULD BUY AN XBONE S

Seriously those guys need to fedex me a pound of whatever they are smoking

You know what MS? Anyone reading this? I know the answer, it's no, they don't look at the internets.

Sell a Xbox-one X with no optical drive and a smallish 1tb HDD (people can buy an external) for $199 and you will rule the console world. Easy enough.
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I agree it's obvious this is the direction everything is headed, but I think ISPs have a lot of catching up to do still. Sure gigabit can be had here and there but the majority of people are using 25-100Mb/s connections. Not to mention some of those people have limits imposed from their ISPs.

If MS goes disc-less on the next gen console it could give Sony an opportunity to retain the drive for those who want a true quality 4K+ experience with Movies.
This is the kind of thing Sony should've done with the PSvita and PSP. A way to redeem your physical games into digital copies to play on the Vita.
Certainly kept me from being an early adopter of the machine with how the system is compatible with basically the entire library of PSP games. Only if you bought digitally and if it was available digitally. Big middle finger to buyers of physical games.
Years later it's easy to hack to put digital copies of games I own UMDs of but it would've gone a long way to be able to do that officially.

I don't think this is a bad idea, the only thing is being able to keep people from abusing physical to digital conversions. Heck PC is already like this to begin with pretty much since forever.
Lower production costs also.

Which I am sure the publishers will totally pass on to customers. They also wouldn't justify the traditional prices by citing bandwidth costs either. At that point, the only thing keeping console game prices in check will be cdkey type sites and PC sales on cross platform games. Used game sales clearly aren't hurting them that much since the digital versions drop in price these days quickly enough for most games. That and the shear numbers of games available competing for customer's money.

Nevermind games that are 60GB+ downloads. Red Dead 2 took about 90 minutes to install from disc, about the same time my 125 Mb/s would have taken to download the 80-100GB install. The upside being I can easily reinstall it without using up another 10% of my monthly bandwidth.
This sounds suspiciously close to rumors that I heard regarding PS5.

Created Nov 6, 2018

Sony, Microsoft, and many third party developers and publishers seem to have gotten the message that when gamers buy a game on an older platform they kind of expect to either get that game on a new platform for no charge… or maybe paying a small service charge to cover porting costs if porting costs are required. Sony, in particular, apparently is doing quite well with their streaming service Playstation Now. Sony and Microsoft also are doing pretty well on making older games available to play on newer systems, often at a much reduced cost.

Which brings me to what I think Sony could have in mind for a PS5 Go… if this product actually makes it to market. I think Sony could potentially let PS5 Go owners access every single game in their digital Playstation Store Library… using either a Limited front-end to Playstation Now or by adding games ported to support native execution on a PS5 Go to the digital download library. We’ve kind of already seen this kind of support in action across the PS-Vita, PS3, and PS4 consoles were buying one version of a game automatically granted crossplay to each other version.
This is not a rumour as much as it is both MS and Sony testing the waters... again.

And honestly, most of the time you're redownloading the game anyway to play it. All the games I got for my former XBOne had a downloiad pending that was at least 4GB. I paid quite a sum when I was living up north in data overage fees. Yikes.

On the other hand, when I needed to sell the console, the games were a nice addition and that prompted someone to snag it without even trying to dial down the price in less than 12 hours after the ad was up. The games on my account, however, were not part of the deal. If I had most games as digital, I wouldn't be able to do a package deal, and I would be stuck with games that I have no way to play anymore.

So yeah, even though they're useless for preserving bandwidth usage, I would rather keep the discs around because they are the only way you can currently pass ownership forward.