Microsoft sued over HoloLens patent infringements


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Jan 28, 2014

Microsoft's HoloLens has hit a legal speed bump. The mixed-reality device, which is gaining traction with businesses, is at the center of a patent infringement lawsuit filed by HoloTouch. The Connecticut-based company alleges that HoloLens infringes on two of its patents -- dating back over a decade -- relating to its holographic imaging tech. HoloTouch is now seeking a jury trial and triple damages (although a specific amount hasn't been outlined), claiming that Microsoft "wilfully" knew about its patented technology for years.

In its filing, the company says it first approached Microsoft for a partnership in 2006, but never got a response. The tech giant then, allegedly filed its own patent in 2013, citing HoloTouch's patents as "prior art," showing that it was aware of them. HoloTouch says it again reached out to Microsoft in 2015, and then in 2016, to discuss a licensing agreement for the patents, to no success.

According to the press release from HoloTouch, Microsoft is just the first on their hitlist, claiming there are several other companies currently infringing on their patents.

I have not taken a look at the patents yet, but this looks to be a legitimate case and not just another patent troll.
In the past Microsoft would just buy out the company - now they just wait for lawsuits???