Microsoft Stops Sales of Original Xbox One


Jun 22, 2008
Those of you who haven't gotten yourself a brand new original Xbox One can stop looking. Microsoft has officially ended the sale of the older model. You can still pick up an Xbox One S and the upcoming Xbox One Pro, but the company stopped the manufacture of new Xbox One consoles a few months back. The company still sells the refurbished units for $200 of the MS store. The console was released way back on Nov. 22nd 2013.

The end of the original Xbox One feels like one of the final acts in Microsoft's extended back-pedal from what the system was at launch. The most striking example of how fast things change is that both Xbox One S and X lack a Kinect port (adaptors are sold separately for both).
The bundled/powered Kinect would be the one reason to buy one of those. I suppose this is the full-on death of the Kinect. It's certainly not like many people are going to buy one separately.