Microsoft Provides Grants To Accelerate The Delivery Of Affordable Internet Access

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    Microsoft Corp. on Tuesday announced it has awarded Affordable Access Initiative grants to 12 entrepreneurial businesses to help scale their solutions and business models to increase affordable Internet access in communities around the world. Each company will receive seed grants and resources including BizSpark tools such as free software, services and technology support to help extend the reach of their hardware, applications, connectivity and power solutions. Today’s news marks progress on the commitments Microsoft made earlier this year to invest $1 billion to bring the power of cloud technology to serve the public good, including through expanding the availability of affordable broadband services, new commercial partnerships and expanded philanthropic programs.
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    They are not doing it out of the goodness of their hearts.

    "invest $1 billion to bring the power of cloud technology to serve the public good".

    Whenever you see the phrase "public good" or "greater good", run far away and as fast as possible.

    Those are phrases used by people who want to trick you into being controlled more and more by them.

    The whole "cloud technology" is another red flag. They are wanting to milk more money from people for "required" "cloud services".
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    There. Now we've covered that important tidbit for you.

    So, read the bloody article, then comment.
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    Personally, I think cloud technology is a good thing. After all, email, online gaming, Hardforum browsing, downloading files, seeking help for solutions online in the cloud works very well. Cloud has been around since the advent of the internet but, it was just not called the cloud then. So, how do you plan on doing off site, remote backup without the cloud? On the other hand, I am sure the $1 billion is an investment and not just a handout but, then again, I would expect that no matter where the money came from.