Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000 in 2021


Apr 7, 2006
I've been using a Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000 as my daily driver for longer than I can remember. I bought a couple years ago at Walmart when they were on clearance for $15. My last one is still working but is disgusting. It has survived numerous bouts of rage but will ultimately get retired because of Cheeto dust and boogers. And even though I'm old and befuddled, I like the idea of these colorful mechanical keyboards. So I bought a Logitech Carbon G513 because I tried one at Target and found the clicky keys delightful. I also bought a Razer Black Widow Elite. Green clicky tactile keys. They're fun to press. I returned the Logitech keyboard unopened. Because I ALSO decided I like the Basilisk V2 more than the Logitech G-whatever wireless. Even though I've been using Logitech mice forever too. MX518 RIP.

So I gamed today for the first time since opening all this Razer stuff and setting up Synapse. And it was awkward because my muscle memory is tuned to the slight curve of the long discontinued MS keyboard. I'm not sure there's any way to get past this other than re-training myself. It's not like I'm a competitive gamer. I play WoW. Tomb Raider. Witcher 3. Civ X. Total War. Etc. Casual stuff. I played WoW today and actually angled the keyboard on my desk to try to make it more comfortable. So now I'm looking at these 60% and TKL keyboards because I think they will be easier to turn on my desk. And I use my keypad a lot when I work from home...IT stuff...typing a lot if IP addresses. I mean I can find more of these Comfort Curve keyboards on Ebay that are in better shape than mine. Not sure there's any real advantage to the keyboards du jour. I do like the backlight for working in low light. I also like whiskey. Which I drank before I wrote all this.

Anyway. Sorry.


[H]F Junkie
Jul 11, 2001
What you describe is basically the exact reason why I've always avoided any kind of curved or ergonomic keyboard. It sucks to get locked into something semi-proprietary that makes it difficult to change later.

I think you should just stick it out and get used to using a non-curved keyboard. It won't just be better when using your computer, it will be better any time you use another computer that has a normal keyboard. If you ever wanted to use a laptop as a backup or while traveling, it's not like the laptop is going to have a curved keyboard.