Microcenter: Vantec 4-Port SuperSpeed USB 3.0 PCIe Host Card, 15$


Sep 30, 2013
Micro Center - Computers and Electronics

Microcenter's having a really good sale on these.

TL;DR: Good, reliable USB host card with front port pins for a good price, with Microcenter's easy returns behind it. I think this is smoking if you need one of these.

I've been looking for a good reliable and budget friendly 3.0 host card with the front output pins on the back for a good while now, because on my Mpower I accidentally bent the pins to the 3.0 front port connector. I tried something on Amazon before that was more expensive than this, and it didn't work. I bought one of these while I was out with my friend yesterday, and it pretty much worked flawlessly and was utterly plug and play. The front output pins on the back worked just fine too. Technically you don't need the power connector hooked up to it. That's just if you need more juice. I didn't at the time because I was just testing it. I'm planning to buy another one today because my Core X9 actually has two front USB 3.0 connectors. IMO this is a great deal if you have an MC nearby because you can just return it to the store if it doesn't work, but overall it's a good deal for one of the better ones in the market.


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Oct 5, 2004
Love Microcenter. I shop here a lot. I think I have around $150,000 spent at Newegg over the years but all that stopped when Microcenter started becoming price competitive and price matching etc etc. I can only imagine how much I spent so far at Microcenter. I did recently spend $4,000 at Newegg only because they had the Asus Rampage 10 in stock and Microcenter didn't plus I saved several hundred dollars on tax.

Too bad this wasn't a 3.1 adapter.


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Dec 19, 2011
I have used several of these. Somewhat difficult to install drivers-if you can't follow directions. Cables to connect power and front USB need a little managing if you want things looking nice. Linux friendly.