Microcenter i5-4690k $179.99

i7-4790k is $250 now that is a deal!

Even if it cost you $20 in gas to drive to a microcenter. Also note, they pay for your sales tax on i7 processors.


That's a great deal for the i7-4790K. I bought mine @ MC 6 months ago & scored the CPU/MB bundle. I love mine & the Gigabyte Z97 Gaming 5 MB as well. MC is a 35+ minute drive to Cambridge, MA. for me. Tax here is 6.25% It's worth the trip.
Where do you see that they pay your sales tax on i7 processors? Is a promo code needed?

Looks like I read the email I got from MC wrongly, its i7 "laptops" that they will pay sales tax for. Sorry about the confusion.
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