messed up situation.. cpu or motherboard?


Mar 19, 2005
So i put together this computer and the first time i try to turn it on everything works. It enters into the bios, and everything seems to be working properly. I put in the xp disk and it fails to read it so i restart the computer with the disk inside it. this is when the problems began. He cd got stuck, the cd-r was not opperational and neither was the harddrive. all fans were working properly but my monitor was on standby. i could no longer get into the bios. I tried a new power supply, still no good. I used a cd drive from my old computer, wouldn't work, no lights or opening. I then changed around the molexes, did everything i could. I tested the cd drive on my old computer and wa-la it works. I then test the harddrive and it seems to be opperating. All the parts were working fine, but once they became attached to the motherboard they failed to even turn on. I figured then that the problem must be with the motherboard. I never thought that my cpu may be bad, but i have checked it and there is no visable damage. I believe the problem lies in the motherboard because i tried to run it using the onboard graphics and still the monitor stayed on standby. The video card had nothing to do with it. as of now i think i am going to get the motherboard exchanged unless anyone has any suggestions, I really need help with this. thanks in advance.

corsair 1g pc3200
biostar matx geforce 6100
6800xt pci-e
wd 120gb hd 7200rpm
amd 64 3000
19" LG lcd monitor
powersupply came with case 450w logisys