Memory occupancy mystery


Sep 17, 2006
Something has been happening to my computer with my memory, and I can't pinpoint what it is.

What can take over memory and as a result slow down things?

Some time ago, not on this setup, I had a program (task manager) that took over the CPU, and I could never cure the problem, in spite of a lot of solutions I found in Google.

Now it's the memory: right now I have 32GB memory and 31.8GB is being used by something I can't find what it is.

It doesn't show in Task Manager, in Processes. It says 98% is occupied, but I'm sure that if I add up each part it doesn't total 32GB.

So what might be happening and how can I found what's taking up my memory?

BTW: this disappears if I boot the PC again, going to a few thousand GBs. I never watched to see in what precise moment this phenomenon happened, o what to watch it with. Task Manager seems not to be showing what it is.

Any clues?
Please have a look at what Task Manager shows:


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Well, Google seems to have been my friend, if what I found proves effective.

I found this described problem, that looked similar to mine:

But I don't think I will have to go to all they describe at first, installing a program and doing a lot of stuff.

Down below another user tells this:

"this guy might have a Killer Networking (previously Bigfoot networking) brand network card.
Was going crazy trying to figure out why I had a massive memory leak and even did a completely clean install and immediately after installing I had a memory leak. Of course I installed my network drivers and video card drivers but that was it.
I searched Google... Found this thread saying it was his network driver then googled "killer memory leak" and saw hits for that and found it was the killer app itself and not just in windows 10."

So what I did was uninstall the Killer software, that seems to cause the memory leak.

Then LAN connection is still running, so I will watch to see what happens with the memory.

Will keep you informed.
OK, the memory problem can be considered solved, and it seems it was the Killer program that Gigabyte uses does leak memory.

It's more than 24 hours and the memory use is fine.

A warning should be put somewhere that that program can cause memory issues.
Glad you figured it out. As long as the NIC works without the software, you're good to go. Obviously you don't get the fancy "features," but you don't have the memory leak either.
I was going to say luck in tracking the problem down, but I did move around, so it was more than luck.

Now I wonder if the freezing problem I have with my laptop, described on another thread and still unsolved, is related to some driver issues due to latest W10 updates.

It started happening after Microsoft latest updates, so guessing it might be related to it sounds not so wild, does it?

Should I reverse the updates? Won't that be bad in any way?

How should proceed to do that?
You would think that most of these memory leaks would have been solved long ago.
Surprised that one has not been pulled and fixed. Thanks again for sharing. Reminds to monitor a couple of customer PC's. Might be a driver that is the problem!