Will it be your boot/OS drive? If it is, I'd probably go with GPT and UEFI for faster startup.

If not, then I don't really think it matters.
If you're just going to put one data partition on it it doesn't matter. I'd probably go for GPT just so it matches my boot drive if nothing else.
I would go with MBR if the drive is under 2TB.. I was using MBR for years and then seeing comments about it being faster and such changed it to UEFI/GPT and a couple of seconds it speeds up is not worth the trouble.. Then before I could figure out how to go back to MBR, I did a windows update which made the drive unbootable.. The partition disappeared and when I used aoemi partition magic to recover it, it turned the boot partition into a normal partition but windows boot requires it to be a special one. I could not convert it to the special partition windows uses for boot... Usually I would reinstall windows which would recreate the partition but every partition in UEFI has a random generated ID.. Even cloning a drive gives a new ID to the drive.. But I could not get the partition to work out properly.. I could boot the new windows install but not the original old one.. In the end I used a copy of the drive I had made before switching to UEFI and just installed it as a normal MBR boot partition..

Many programs do not now how to use UEFI partition info.. GPT for the most part acts like an MBR partition with extensions but a program still needs to know the specifics.. So as long as things work out then GPT is great.. It is when they dont that it is easier to use something which has a lot more support in the community..
GPT can speed up boot time compared to MBR, but I wouldn’t make a big deal about that. It can only speed up the first few seconds of the boot. And depending on your hardware, it may not speed it up enough to be noticed.

In most cases, you will be fine with either MBR or GPT. It is only in situation where you need to install Windows on a Mac, or when you need to have a partition bigger than 2TB, that you need to use GPT, or convert MBR to GPT. Also, for the newer model of computer that uses UEFI, it will only support GPT.
I never use GPT unless forced to by the size of the drive.
The tools do not exist to fix low level issues.