Maxing out BFV with 3090?


Mar 8, 2007
I just picked up a 3090 FE. I will migrate to a 4K display this year but I am at 1080P at the moment.

I am sort of confused coming from 1080ti which had no RTX functionality how to max out this game for best image quality.

Should I use DSR to upsample to 4K or just crank the in game resolution scale all the way up?

I have tried both and find the game for some reason is just visually underwealming. Something is not right. Is RTX causing more harm than good? I want as much supersampling and anti-aliasing as possible. What in game and control panel settings should I be using to get the best fidelity out of this game.

By the way, if RTX added something to this game, I have yet to notice it. Talk about subtle!


Fully [H]
Apr 29, 2005
Just max out the resolution, crank everything to "Ultra" and check the Raytracing options.

As far as seeing the Ray Tracing in game, pay attention to the puddles, paint on the cars, shop windows and lighting when you're in buildings like up in attics.


Limp Gawd
Apr 3, 2018
Make sure you in DX12 render mode and then the RTX settings show up for Ray Tracing at the very bottom of advanced settings (think second to last).

For what its worth, I actually just installed this again over the weekend to try out on my EVGA 3080 and it kind of runs like crap with Ray Tracing enabled. Anywhere from 30 to 80 FPS and heavier the fight, lower the frames. When in DX 11 at Ultra, consistently get 80FPS at a 2k resolution. From what I can find, I do have a first gen AMD Ryzen and I guess there might be a performance gap between Intel and AMD for BF5. Still doing some testing and tweaking though.


Limp Gawd
Jan 20, 2019
Haven't played BFV myself (no interest personally) but from reading a lot about it in HW reviews when Turing launched it I think the consensus is that RT fx in that game lack the "wow" factor of some other RT titles and you're probably better off just disabling DXR and maxing out everything else.


Limp Gawd
Sep 17, 2019
I can play BFV on my 3090 at 4K, everything maxed out and I am using RT at Ultra. I maintain 90~110 FPs average, 120+ in many areas.

The key was, do NOT use DLSS, but instead set "Render Resolution" slider to 85%. Looks better than DLSS and performs way better too. Honestly, I can't tell between 100% and 85% in this game and the RT is one of those things that once you turn it off, you notice.