Martini HTPC finally gets a TV


Limp Gawd
Aug 26, 2004
...and back from the dead The Martini Mod!

I built this thing almost two years ago and never had the cash to get a good TV for it. Well in a moment of weakness I broke down and got one...Finally! The TV is a Samsung DLP HL-R4667W. So far I think it is pretty dang cool. Its really nice to finally use it the way I originally intended but my wife is still getting used to sharing the living room lol.

Here are some pics. Click on them to get bigger ones

The Living room shot

This is me hooking it up. Tina watching TV in the PIP

and surfing the net

I don't have it working good enough to really play games on yet. Two reasons. My microsoft wireless mouse and KB suck, and The wireless-G ain't that hot either. I am going to get a Logitech RF Combo as soon as I can, and I might just run some cable instead of wireless-G internet. I did play a bit of Doom3 and it was cool. but I need to tweak the Cfg. file to play widescreen better. all in good time.

Here are the specs:

MSI Delta-ILSR Mobo w/ AthlonXP 3200+
1x512 Corsair PC3200 XMS
2x512 Corsair Expert 3200
1x120GB Seagate S-ATA
ATI all in wonder 9700 pro
Wireless keyboard/mouse
Linksys Wireless-G PCI
Onboard Audio / LAN
Antec Smart power 350w PSU
do you have a way to tune down the cathodes? seems like it would be an eye distraction at full brightness
I can only turn them of an on. To be honest CCFL's faded pretty bad over time so they aren't as bright as in the pics (low light shot). Not to mention all of the ink on the decal tones it down as well. When I first built it though it was blinding. I would always turn off the lights when I would use it. Now its not bad at all.
My bad i did a search afte I posted and found lots of good info on this subject.

I don't plan on doing a lot of gaming with this PC, at least not at this time, but I would like to do some. I like the mini keyboard on the gyration but that mouse just looks funky. Would love to have the Logitech bluetooth but its so pricey and don't really need the numberpad. I think I will go to bestbuy just to see them in person and get a feel for em.

That one you showed me is pretty cool too. Thanks for the link on that.
WOW! Amazing. simply amazing. this was featured in Maximum PC. I remember this!!!!

Pffffft. Max PC. What A bunch of bologna that magazine is. Canceled my subscription today.

In any case, sorry for the thread hijack. That is a serious htpc youve got there, Sheldog23. Damn.

In case you havent already picked up another wireless mouse, Tom's has a review of a new MS one that works with MCE 2005, if youd ever consider using it. Right here.

P.S. Lets ignore the irony of me complaining about bad journalism in once sentence and linking to tom's in another.
BlueBrat said:
I sure hope that's a Gin martini. Shaken, not stirred.

Nice mod anyway!
Yes, yes it is.

I went ahead and bought the Gyration Keyboard and mouse set. They work from anywhere in my house basically (says 30'). The only thing I don't like about it is the Keyboard is like a laptop KB. The buttons re-arranged in wierd places. It just take a bit of getting used too when you move into the living room from the gaming machine. Tthe mouse is really cool for surfing the web too. You just hold it in the air and move it around. Really cool.
Sorry to resurect an old thread, but how did you correct for the overscan? Did you use powerstrip or did you adjust the tv somehow?
this thread is nearly a year old. If you are having overscan issues I suggest you start a new one in the HTPC section. This area of the forum is pretty dead anyway.