Man Cave Project

Hey is that phillips LCD a 47"? If so we have the same..I use mine for pc gaming at 1080p..
Mini-fridge is in the utility room right behind me and I just can't find room for a stripper pole. Maybe when the kids move out of the room next to me here :)

Here are the drink/pen holders.


Where did you get the cup/pen holders?
That took far more work thank I would have liked. It took 6 + coats of aircraft paint stripper to get everything off the posts. The brackets were much easier. I just painted the shelves as they are steel and it wouldn't have made much sense to strip and repaint. I still need a couple more shelves for keyboards and I may also put some books up there too.



Great set up.

Those are Ikea shoe racks! When I lived in an apartment I used those to mount my projector, xbox, and dvd player, etc. The poles went behind the couch and saved tons of space.