Man Causes Explosion in Electronics Store After Biting iPhone Battery

Ladies - don't marry that dude. He's liable to bite anything and everything to ensure authenticity at a granular, molar, level.

Some girls bite back.....


From the makers of the tide pods challenge now comes... BITE DA BATTERY challenge..e..e..e
How many different batteries can YOU bite?
Or are YOU going to be the first one with A FULL house.
Show you frienda you haveu #COURAGE...courage...courage..., by accepting this new totally insane gut blowing challange.
Bring in you IN THE FACE attitude and snack up as many different brands as possible.

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I think he was stability testing... his teeth and jaw joint lol.
He perhaps didnt consider the side effect of cooked gnashers.

He demonstrated just how unstable these things are though.
Years ago I realised they were becoming mini bombs or incendiary devices, too much power packed into a small space with very little protection.
Ultra thin phones that can allow the battery to bend should be banned until battery tech catches up.
Even without bending this tech is sketchy to keep in an enclosed space where heat can build up, like a pocket!
It only takes an undetected slight manufacturing defect or excess heat to cause life changing injury.
Really doubt these will cause life changing injuries. Unless you a dumb fuck like this guy. Most it do is burn a hole in your pants and at most a serious burn on your thigh or butt depending on where you keep your phone.
You probaly could of done something to the eyes if you they didn't close fast enough kinda liike a uncalibrated monitor.