Make Your Own EL Wire Suit

I'd wear it.....

.....if I was going to a TRON convention or something.
I was down at Miami's Ultra festival (one of the East Coast's largest raves) a few years ago and came across 3 people dressed like these guys. It didn't seem so strange at the time, but given the setting I'm not sure what would have seemed strange. All 3 were also phenomenal break-dancers and they made quite a scene wherever they went.
I've seen some dancers with these suits.
Finally, my dreams of becoming Automan can be realized! Although it's probably cheaper to just get Desi Arnaz Jr. to hang out with you...

anyone who's ever been to Burning Man has seen and/or made these to one extent or another. it's harder than it looks, believe me.
Reminds me of when I saw Crossbreed back when they opened for Rammstein. Lead singer told us that the wires broke a lot and they had to have a few spares on hand, as teh setups would last only a show or 2.
Every time I see a picture of the Tron Guy of the internet, I want to dig my eyes out with my titanium spork.