Maingear and Sood Defending a Defenseless Position on Selling Crypto Boxes?


Jan 18, 2005
Mining has put a damper on any new build for me until prices drop. I'm still running an 8350/7970 for right now.

I had planned on a Ryzen 1600x/1700x at taxes which I can build but with GPUs being insanely over priced and who knows when the mining market will crash I have no clue when I'll be able to get my hands on a decent GPU.

Even local sellers have jacked up the prices (Craigslist and Facebook). I've almost debated buying a prebuilt. I'm not made of money so i have to look for deals which right now sucks
Aug 3, 2017
these days of ridiculous part prices could only lead to us buying prepackaged machines. [gaming laptops etc. The prices for these are stable]


[H]F Junkie
Jan 14, 2006
doesn't sound like a good bet.
There must be lots of losers...... allocating resources to worthless dogcoin and pussycoin.
I can't imagine what they're thinking. Most people jump late onto the bandwagon, and are left holding a bag of worthless ecoin.

It's the same reason Idiots relentlessly go to the casinos that litter this country. It's not just for the possibility of winning, it's mostly to be entertained and to have bragging rights.

"Hey, did you hear about that new JokeCoin that's making the rounds? Yeah, I helped start that."

New coins are so cheap to mine compared to more popular Etherium, you can mine both. The Etherium will pay for the hardware/power, and the rest of your coin allow you to bet big.

Mining doesn't attract the "get rich slowly" crowd.