Madden 18


Aug 3, 2004
I wanted to give a quick tip to people getting started in 18. I've been selling low gold kickers for 10k and they sell like hotcakes all day long. The average low gold cards for other positions go from 1500 to 2000, give or take.

I just lucked out and pulled a 90 OVR elite with clutch chemistry. Decided to fly a kite and put him on the market for 215k. He's been selling for 150k, but he's the only 90 OVR kicker in the entire auction right now. We'll see how it goes. There is one solo which requires a 50yd field goal, so combine that with scarcity and anyone with a big leg is bringing good cash.

Also, before you sell any of the high elite cards make sure they're not eligible for upgrade sets. Those cards can draw ridiculous premiums.

Also, take advantage of the Twitch Prime promo if you have Amazon Prime. They are releasing 25 legend cards which are upgradeable with Twitch Prime tokens they give you. The first release card is 85 OVR left end Reggie White, who is one of my favorite all time Eagles. Dropped four tokens on him and now he is a 90 OVR. I have him playing RE, but he is straight up evil. Only lost one OVR point playing out of position, gained that back with team training.


Supreme [H]ardness
Sep 9, 2002
This is my first madden in like 10 years and I'm confused AF! Started franchise and had trouble just getting through the first defensive drill. I didn't even get what they were saying. Stop the highlighted receiver (none highlighted) etc.

I'm not sure I get all you're saying either, but when I get home I will click on the link and see whats up! I think too after my first game they were getting into the kind of stuff youre talking about, points etc, but I had enough for the night.


Fully [H]
Jul 30, 2004
The last time I tried to play a new Madden game I was overwhelmed. I was pretty good at the SNES/Genesis era and was at least passable at the versions up to the one that shipped with the Xbox 360. The games evolved, but still felt similar. Not so much anymore.
The newer ones are almost like an RPG and they apparently don't want you to do anything manually (other than play QB) anymore. They swapped the action buttons around, too.
One of these days I'll just have to bite the bullet and buy a newer one. They're borderline photo realistic these days.