MacBook Pro (Santa Rosa 2.2 late 2007) - $365. iTunes/App $100 giftcard - $75


Dec 7, 2001
Hi guys!

First, I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have about the laptop (and I will upload photos a bit later or as requested).

The laptop is in "pretty good" shape - the only thing that is not great on it is the keyboard backlights don't work evenly across the keyboard, some keys are not fully lit (I'll work on getting a photo of this up here so you can see). There are normal wear/tear scratches on the lid of the laptop, and one side has a small indentation, and the keys are worn (normal use over the years, but worn). Also, the battery is a third party replacement battery and doesn't hold much of a charge (~40 minutes to an hour probably).

But really, let's give straight talk here - the laptop has been and is babied by me since I got it in 2007. That's a while ago though, so it is of course not perfect (see: above). I had Apple care though, and have taken the laptop in a TON of times over the years at the slightest sign of something being wrong. I've had the main board replaced twice, the screen replaced three times, etc. I took advantage of the warranty to make sure I had everything running perfectly.

I'm asking $350 for the laptop, in "as is" condition. I wouldn't recommend this laptop to one of my college attending sisters because there is no warranty and so if something breaks or stops working then it will need to realistically be replaced by hand.

BUT, that said, the laptop would be good for somebody who wants a HTPC as an option instead of a Mac Mini for instance, with the added benefit of being a laptop. OR it would be a great laptop. That's what I use it for, or did until I just bought a brand new Retina MBP. It's of course still a great laptop, runs Diablo 3 (not great, but it runs and is playable), runs OSX Lion, is great for development, etc.

Anyway, I'm asking $365 shipped, as is for the laptop. Pictures on request.

Also for sale, is my $100 dollar iTunes/App Store/etc gift card. It was "free" with purchase of my new laptop, and I'd rather make back some of the money I spent then buy stuff. I can send the card (free shipping) if you'd like, OR I will just send you the code to redeem.

I have heatware under "shoelessone" ( 35-0-0 and wil ship first to anybody with better heat then myself, but would generally prefer to be paid first. In the case of the gift card I will REQUIRE payment first, regardless. Except if you have really great heat, etc.

If you have questions, ask away. Again, I hate to sell somebody something that isn't what I promised, but the laptop really is a totally fine laptop, it just shows some signs of use over the years.

Bump for a good explanation.
Can you we get complete specs, and what software (OSX Lion, iLife, etc...)and accessories come with it, along with pics?
Looking for anything in partial trade?
Hey again guys, sure thing on specs, sorry about the delay!

- MacBook Pro, late 2007
- 2.2ghz Santa Rosa Core 2 Duo
- 4GB memory (this is the official max supported memory, but I've heard somewhere it may be upgradeable to 6GB)
- 1440 x 900 display
- NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GT graphics processor with 128 MB
- more here:

Comes with:
- New powder adapter (JUST replaced this, was a recall that I took advantage of)

I actually keep all of my original boxes, papers, even plastic wrap for all of my computers, but they happen to be at home and at this point I don't think it's worth me trying to track these down and have my parents ship them to me, UNLESS it was really important to somebody then I might do it.

The computer would NOT ship with any software, other then a fresh install of OSX Lion (the current Mac operating system). Again, I have the original disks it came with (OSX 10.4) but you wouldn't want to install those anyway, and they are with the original box. Real world, if you needed/wanted to reinstall OSX you'd probably just want to buy a copy of Lion from Apple for $30 bucks.

Anyway, here are photos:


Things to note in the photos:
1) The dent can be seen
2) There is a small scratch (see small black mark) on the lid
3) You can see that the third party battery doesn't look that great. It's scratched also. If you have relatives over that are the fancy type to turn up their nose at things that don't look awesome, I'd keep the laptop normal side up.
4) There is a missing screw I believe on one of the sides.

Also, to be clear, I wrote 365, 350, and 365, for price, but $350 is actually what I'd like.
Sorry about the delay - MBP is sold (and SHIPPED!) to faciest9.

Teecee, sending you a PM but the card is still available if you (or anybody else) is interested!