MacBook Air harddrive upgrade


Quakecon Guy
Feb 16, 2003
I have a 11-inch, Late 2010 Air Book and want to put in a bigger drive...has anyone ever done this if so what drive did you use...if you have any recommendations please post.

thanx for the reply...I was hoping someone that has used those would reply..

Guess this isn't advised, but I'm going to link to an external forum for you to read up on the OWC (MacSales) SSD offering:

MacRumors guys are sometimes very helpful on Mac issues, and sometimes just rampant speculators. Hopefully QC issues have been fixed up. Good luck finding more information, and please post back when you do..
I've got a 11" macbook air as well. Originally had the 64gb ssd and swapped it for a 128gb ssd I bought on eBay. IMO if you're fairly handy and can handle a screw driver the swap is very straight forward.