Mac Mini comes tomorrow...


Jul 16, 2004
Starting to get a few more people using Macs again so I thought I would start getting familiar with them as I get alot of questions for side jobs. Suggestions on what programs to check out? cool apps you recommend? etc... And yes I still have 2 full tricked out PCs and 2 Laptops...
iStat Menus is better if you're willing to pay. IMO it's a must for any OS X machine.

What kind of apps are you interested in? There's all sorts of "gee whiz" apps on the Mac App Store, but without an idea of what you'll use the computer for, it's hard to make too many recommendations. You sound like you're just excited about your new computer ;)

The built in apps are actually pretty good! I use Apple's chat and mail programs. I also really like Tweetbot for Twitter. If you're doing development, there are about a million great apps.
Im mostly clean and repair type guy that does support on ppl's stuff. I use plex at home for video server now and netflix. Ill keep my games on the PC but I will checkout Steam just to see whats available (no im not expecting miracles on the onboard in the mini) Will probably check out the video editor etc...
If we're talking about upkeep and problem solving.. You'll like Onyx for regular maintenance. SuperDuper and Carbon Copy Cloner are both great utilities for making 1:1 backups.

I like EverNote very very much after finally using it today.

Quicksilver is very powerful, lots of functionality and worth checking out.

f.lux is nice in general.

Adium is a great chat client that manages all your chats into one program.

TotalFinder is a must for OSX with tabbed system browsing

Sparrow is also a good mail program.

Alfred to make Finder more useful.
Thanks all for the recommendations... Ill take any advice or suggestions on apps to check out... Its on my bench waiting to be hooked up... 1 full time job / side repair gig / 2 kids below 3 + flu season and my daughter's first birthday looming has all but tapped me out for time... But I am hoping to hook it up to my 42 tv i work at this weekend.
Sublime Text 2 is the best advanced text editor.

Pixelmator is a nice cheap photoshop replacement.