LSI 9305 not detecting HGST SAS drives


Limp Gawd
Jun 1, 2010
My LSI 9305 24i is not detecting HGST 4tb 4kn SAS drives. It sees other SAS/SATA drives just fine.

I've done the obligatory pre search, and I found this and Very close to my problem except my drives aren't being detected at the controller card level.

Controller information
Controller type : SAS3224
BIOS version :
Firmware version :
Channel description : 1 Serial Attached SCSI
Initiator ID : 255
Maximum physical devices : 1023
Concurrent commands supported : 5888
Slot : 1
Segment : 0
Bus : 5
Device : 0
Function : 0
RAID Support : No

The card has the latest BIOS and firmware. The motherboard is a Supermicro MBD-X10-SRL-F with latest BIOS.

The card isn't detecting the drives at all. They don't even spin up. Entering the card's BIOS doesn't show the drives even if they are connected, and I have 8 of these. They are connected though Norco 4116 case backplane.

The intended setup is to become a FreeNAS server.

I suspect it may be incompatibility issues, but this controller is recent enough to handle 4kn drives.