Lowest Latency PC3500 and up?


Limp Gawd
Apr 26, 2003
Is the lowerst latency PC3500 (and higher memory) still stick at CAS3? I'm thinking about buying an Athlon64 3400+ (since the 3700+ is so bloody expensive) and then trying to get another 200mhz out of it. Thats a slight overclock so I'm wondering if theres any low latency cas2 ram out there thats widely available that would be able to overclock comfortably to around 220mhz without losing its latency settings?


Oct 2, 2003
You can get cas2 pc3500 ram now.

Not sure about higher stuff. But you should be able to punish the pc3500 up to 220 and maintain the timings.

Also, depending on your motherboard for that A64 and how much RAM your gonna put into it matters.

Like current sig, has a hard time running at 210 stable. Take 1 of the sticks (either one memtest86 for 8 hours say both are fine) and I can do well over 225. I think it has to do with the board, since they recommend that you can only put 3 sticks of 333 stuff and 1-2 sticks at 400. So, prolly a limitation.


Limp Gawd
Jul 30, 2003
My PC3500 level one is 100% stable at 219 with 2-3-2-11 timings and it never hits 2.6V :(

looser/stock timings didnt't ever improve my fsb, only ever by a few mhz
and I was likely stable at 200 / 2-2-2-11 because I could post up to ~208 and was stress testing for a while in windows, but this damn SN45G is sketchy and I'm having trouble getting it to boot back at 2-2-2 again

but some more voltage would reaally help, so most people would do better on a less limiting mobo