Low wattage appliance builds, router/NAS


Aug 31, 2009
I just completed my third hardware build for pfsense. Pfsense is going to require aes-ni for version 2.5 so I decided to get ahead of the curve. The Ivy Bridge i5 3470T was the cheapest and lowest wattage AES-NI processor I could find at the time. I got it all together. Specs are in my sig. Thing is amazing. It idles at 17w and never got above 40w during post. I can't believe how stupid low wattage this thing is.

Dual core, hyper-threaded, near 3GHz. As it is, this proc is overkill for pfsense.

P.S. I later found the Sandy Bridge i5 2390T to redo my FreeNAS but at the time I was accumulating hardware I wasn't aware of it's existence.
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