Low Profile Mobo for Lian Li C60B?


Oct 28, 2008
I'm building a new HTPC and using the Lian Li C60B.

I am also planning on using the Corsair H90 to cool the CPU.

I think I would like to use an ATX mobo for later expansion if needed. The problem I am concerned about is the profile, especially considering the WC loop. I have had problems in the past with the heat sinks & fans on the mobos getting in the way in a cramped case.

Does anyone know of a good haswell mobo that is fairly flat?

Thanks in advance!


Limp Gawd
Apr 3, 2006
I use the Gigabyte z77 UD5H, which is a similar layout to the Gigabyte z87 UD5H, in my Lian Li C60b.

I have installed:
3-140mm fans (sides)
Antec 620 CPU cooler (i7-3770)
9-4tb Seagate HD's (got 2 more HD cages from another person)
1-Slim DVD writer (hooked up to USB)
1- SSD (for OS)
1-Corsair memory cooler
16gb-G. Skill memory

I have the radiator mounted to the removable panel on the cover (cut out hole in panel).

The biggest problem with the case is that you can't use both HD racks with a deep PSU or a full length graphics card as they will hit.