Looking to Trade for Mobo+CPU


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Feb 28, 2011
Hi guys, ran into some issues on a build I have been working on and dont have enough cash to finish it. I would like to trade my ram + cash for a decent motherboard and CPU, or to just straight sell the ram and buy some stuff off of newegg. I also have a WD HDD that I could sell/trade as well to get what I need.

I have:




I would prefer to sell/trade the 16GB kit since I know I will be able to get enough from it to get my build finished, but I need to save at least one kit so I have ram for the build :D.

I also have:


I could trade/sell as well.

This build will be for gaming/CAD so the CPU needs to be fairly competent, preferably a core i5/i7 or a high clocked AMD quad or x6. The mobo needs at least one PCI-E x16 slot and a few SATA connectors.

I look forward for any help and offers you guys might have in mind. Thanks!

EDIT: These have not be used other than unboxed and placed in a system. I never got it running so these are practically brand new sitting on my shelf in packages :D.

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I have some skt 1156 and 1366 stuff if your interested. For 1156 I have cpu's(I5's and I7's) and motherboards matx and atx and for 1366 I have boards atx and matx and maybe a cpu. Just send me a pm.