Looking to speed up Camtasia rendering performance


Mar 12, 2004
A co-worker is using Camtasia to create some video presentations for work from existing videos and PowerPoint slideshows. With it being 9:30p on a Saturday, I don't know what specific version of Camtasia he's using or what container/format he's using, but we're looking to speed it up if possible.

System is running Win7 Professional x64 on an i5-2400 w/ 8GB RAM, and when encoding exactly 4GB RAM is being used up. This makes sense seeing as it looks like there is no 64-bit version of the program. CPU usage is only around 30-35% when encoding, so what is limiting the encoding time?

Hard drive? Would adding an SSD make a considerable difference? If so, it would probably be pretty easy to get our sys admin to order up a drivve for it.

Obviously the system has enough RAM, but the program just can't use any more of it being 32-bit. I can't imagine memory bandwidth being THAT much of a restriction to hold the CPU at only ~35% usage.