Looking to buy a gaming laptop and these are what I picked out

A 7820k is overkill for gaming. It's going to pump out more heat and less FPS than a x700HQ (4 cores, 8 threads) series or an i5 HQ (4 cores, 4 threads). Most games won't take advantage of moar cores.

Also, 17.3" isn't exactly portable. I'd go with 15.6" 1080p IPS.

A 1070 is a bit overkill for 1080p games. It will definitely help, but at the cost of ~$250-$300, fuck that. Get a 1060 6GB.

I think the best all around setup right now is the Dell 5677. If you want a bit more power (but it's nearly 3x the price AND Gigabyte isn't great with warranties compared to Dell) look at the Aero 15x.

I picked up a Costco deal on a 5677 for $650. For the price it's awesome:
  • 1080p IPS 60hz
  • i5 7300HQ (now undervolted)
  • 8GB RAM (added another 8, now 16)
  • GTX 1060 6GB (now overclocked)
  • 256GB NVMe Samsung 951 (but swapped to 500GB EVO
  • 2x2 MIMO 865 NIC
  • Also going to add a SATA SSD for more storage. `Have a couple spare 850 EVO's sitting around.
All in I'm just under $1k. It's a pretty sweet laptop. Got it for work recently after my Lenovo died. It can certainly play games. Most AAA's hit 60 FPS no problem on high settings.

Runs really cool, but the first one that I got had a rattling fan (shit happens, but Costco has been awesome about replacing it and shipped me out another, so I currently have two). I never repasted the first one as I knew I was going to get it swapped out.

I did repaste the second, but I haven't gotten around to undervolting, overclocking and stress testing it.

One thing I'll note if you decide to go the 5677 route, adding ram, an additional drive, cleaning is super easy. It's just one screw (captive at that) and it's all right there. That being said, repasting was as difficult as could be. I had to COMPLETELY take the laptop apart, tray, frame, motherboard, components and all. Then flip it, remove the heatsink, repaste and get it all back together.


Certainly doable. But difficult.

I'll add, I wish Gigabyte didn't have terrible RMA service. If this weren't for work, I might have pulled the trigger on an Aero 15x. But as it is I need this thing working like a Swiss watch. But... the regular Aero 15 is almost 3x the price for nearly the same thing and much, much worse support. The 15x is 3.5x the price. I just can't justify that when I don't use the extra threads for work or games.

The only thing that the Aero has going for it is the bigger battery and it unfortunately comes in trendy colors like key lime and orangesicle. The 15x is the only one of them suitable for an office setting. But $2,400? With shit RMA? Not happening.
I have heard a lot of mixed things on the newer Alienware laptops. I was considering one for a while because they have a lot of support behind them, both fan based and corp. based. Also, their eGpu enclosures are some of the best supported, although expensive.