Looking for wireless headphones with some specific characteristics


Limp Gawd
Apr 1, 2003
So what I am looking for are some wireless headphones that have a charging cradle. Oh yes, I'm sure there are many with a charging cradel..but I am looking for a pair that will disconnect when resting on the charger and send the audio back to the computer speakers. Then when I want to use the headphones again, taking them off the cradle transfers the sound from the speakers back to the headphones. It just seems like something like this does not exist...or at the very least, it seems like this is just not important for most people? If anyone knows of a pair that fits this description, please let me know the model and I will be forever grateful. 😁


Apr 17, 2015
I haven't found any like that. But to kinda do the same thing I just turn my pc speakers off and put a splitter on the audio out of my mixer (cause I have several input devices). One split goes to the amp for the speakers and another split goes to the headphones.

The feature you are looking for seems like it would be rare. But if you do find one please reply with it. Could be cool to see if something like that exist.