Looking for The Division PC players for Non-Rouge gameplay


Jul 25, 2008
Hoping to find some fellow PC gamers interested in the up-coming "The Division" (releasing March 8th). Thought it would be useful to build a list of like minded players in each time zone. If interested post your Uplay name, time zone and what you're after in co-op partners.

I'll start:
ID: Frraksurred
Time Zone: CST (Central Standard)
Style: I'm primarily a Medic and Support type player with lots of hours in games like the Battlefield series, Mass Effect and about anything Tom Clancy related. I will tend to lend a hand to randoms rather than go Rogue, but will do so if provoked enough or cheated. For the most part however I'm looking to farm, explore and generally have fun. Jumping Jacks all around. ;)

I'll try to keep a list of everyone here, listed by time zone, to keep things organized.
ill join the list
ID: Espin679
TZ: Eastern (NY)
Style: YOLO...lol. But seriously Im down for anything once i got geared I just stayed inthe DZ and mostly played paladin. I just sat and hunted rouges. Im usually a healer type in every game I play so this will be no different
I was looking to start a thread for this very thing myself.

Uplay ID: Williacm
TimeZone: Easter (Indiana)
Preferences: I'd like to try a bit of everything but I'll do whatever benefits the group. I do not get to game much anymore with my work schedule so any gaming will be good with me. My birthday is the 9th and I've pondered taking a vacation day either that day or that following Friday and having a get-together just for this game release.
Uplay ID: Zibigan
Timezone: Central Standard Time
Preferences: I am pretty much happy with any style of play as long as things do not start to get monotonous. Scared that I will have to start going rogue in this game to keep it fun unless there is a lot of content. The beta has me worried in that regard.
Uplay ID: KelbyGene. I may change it to KelbyG or Kelby3
time CST
I just started so dont really know what attributes to use to my style.
UPlay: Kael_29
Location: Las Vegas, NV - PST
Preferences: Straight

I really don't know much about the RPG elements so I'll likely never use a candybar skill or whatever and I'm essentially picking my talents/perks on whimsicle dreams. I do however try to play with tactics (suppressing, flanking, formation) to some degree. I'm also more likely to use a gun or skill I like versus one that is uberpowerful.

Current PVE Level: 16
I'm a little late to this as I started brainstorming how to go about getting some quality friends added to my list so I finally logged back into here to see what HG was up to with The Division.

ID: Cutsmann
TZ: CST Chicago

I'm up for anything, I'm currently 25, running through all the zones and clearing the missions, encounters, and side-missions. Haven't gone into the DZ yet. My play style is straight up marksman with medic skills.
ID: Halonos
TZ: CST - Dallas

Currently 30/38. Play a little each evening and more on the weekend as time allows. Currently farming Legendary items in DZ and Dailies.
I went ahead and requested with everyone here, insomnibyte
Thanks for the replies all. Hopefully this thread has been usefull for people, and y'all are having fun with the game. I know several people from The Division Thread have joined my friends list.

Well things have changed since I made this thread. I'm a level 30 player about to hit DZ rank 80. I'm hard after rank 90 so I can purchase the highest level blueprints when patch 1.1 comes out. Still open to mid-high level players just looking to loot, rank and have fun. I'm still not too kean on going Rogue, even though I've survived Manhunt (had good reson for it) and killed some Manhunt players. The PvP is still too riddled with glitches, cheats and unbalance for my tastes. It seems you're either bulldozing or getting bulldozed, there is no inbetween. I also still enjoy helping out new players, so don't be afraid to shoot me a request.